Author: Harsh Bajpai

Polygon ID provides a robust & powerful protocol and developer tooling around Self Sovereign Identity. It enables privacy-protecting applications and introduces a new paradigm on how identities interact with applications.

Projects built using Polygon ID Libraries or Polygon ID Platform qualify for this track, you are free to build any application in any domain of your interest, it should be powered by the Polygon ID tech stack. Polygon ID makes way for new kinds of DAOs, Defi applications, games, toolings, decentralized social media, and much more. We are looking for hackers who can leverage Polygon ID to its full potential and develop creative applications around them through this hackathon.

Project ideas ๐Ÿ’ก

We will list some interesting applications that we are excited about and think can be a source of inspiration for new ideas for participants. If you are passionate about some other applications around Polygon ID then feel free to build them out during the course of this Hackathon!

Anonymous DAO Voting ๐Ÿ—ณ

On-chain voting as of now exposes the choices made by different public addresses, a powerful alternative to it can be implemented with Polygon ID.

An issuer can provide claims of eligibility to vote for a particular motion, and participants of the DAO can receive them on their Polygon ID wallet and then generate proof of being eligible to vote, the proof can be verified on-chain and can be associated with a vote which can be recorded on-chain, this will enable complete anonymous voting on the chain!

p.s: This application will also require solving the double spending of votes by one ID!

Humanity proof (Bot protection) ๐Ÿค–

Implement a system leveraging Polygon ID, which can help provide resistance against bots. Current implementations of anti-bot protection may vary but usually includes solving some puzzle or challenge, but the complexity of those challenges increases over time. It could be a decentralized verification system providing individual claims of liveliness & uniqueness, or it can be a peer-to-peer system where different identities with specific claims are backing new identitiesโ€™ claims of liveliness & uniqueness, and much more. We are really excited to see creative solutions to this problem using the Polygon ID stack.